Our quality policy principles:

  • The customer defines the standard in terms of the quality of work carried out and with regard to future requirements.
  • Our corporate success demands a concerted approach to setting and attaining goals at divisional, departmental, employee and manager level.
  • Our corporate success is dependent on the qualification and commitment of all our employees.
  • Our quality is the result of reproducible and traceable processes.
  • Cost cutting demands the elimination of redundant activities, and results from successful process management.
  • If we stop improving, we’ve stopped being good.
  • Efficient decision-making demands a sound, objective basis.
  • The quality of our suppliers has a major influence on our commercial success.

The consequences:

  • Our organization is aligned to the needs of our customers.
  • Our management staff are role models in terms of their professional and personal qualification.
  • We promote employee motivation by delegating responsibility.
  • Our processes and the interfaces between them are defined, and subject to continuous analysis and improvement.
  • Interim targets and results are assessed according to their contribution to the attainment of corporate commercial goals.
  • The process of continuous improvement relates to our qualification level and to the capability of our processes.
  • We use in-house and external data for purposes of analysis and decision-making.
  • Our supplier relationships are long-term strategic partnerships.