The operation of a photovoltaic plant requires that certain preconditions be met in order to ensure optimum energy use. The photovoltaic plant should cover an area of at least 10 square meters: the larger the area, the higher the yield. A southerly alignment is ideal, but any other alignment between west and east is also fundamentally possible.

Roofs with a slope of 20-45 degrees are well suited to solar PV. On flat roofs, the modules can simply be mounted on stands. Another precondition is that the property in which the system is installed is not situated in the shade. Consequently, shading by trees, other buildings, antennas etc. should be avoided. Good back-ventilation of the PV plant will further optimize yield.

The criteria listed can be considered very good preconditions for a location. However, location conditions may vary from them and still enable you to operate a PV plant economically. The geographical location is another important consideration in the planning of a photovoltaic plant.